Calling for 150 most important questions in cancer research and clinical oncology

Chinese Journal of Cancer serves as an important platform to report the international efforts in the war against cancer. We are keen to hear your ideas on the trend and novel ideas in cancer treatments.The 150 ideas will be published in a special article in December. Find out more.


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Thematic series
Gastric Cancer
Edited by: Yun Dai and Li Yan

Thematic series
Tumor Angiogenesis
Edited by: Francesco Pezzella and Chao-Nan Qian


Thematic series
Lung Cancer
Edited by: Lin Yan and Wei Zhang

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Thematic series

Gastric cancer

Tumor angiogenesis

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Special series on lung cancer

Lung cancer accounts for approximately 21% of worldwide cancer deaths and a staggering 1.6 million new cases are diagnosed every year. In China, lung cancer has become a particularly challenging disease because of air pollution and smoking. This thematic series discusses the proper use of targeted agents in treating lung cancer, reviews the application of biomarkers in clinical management and drug development, and analyzes the unique challenges in developing novel drugs for lung cancer in China.

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